Rock Crystal, Quartz

Quartz crystals have been regarded by many cultures throughout time as sacred objects of magic and healing.  The Ancient Japanese believed quartz crystals to represent perfection as they were formed from the breath of a white dragon.  Today, modern science has named the vibratory properties of quartz the piezoelectric effect and is utilizing these powers in watches, radios, computers, and sonar technology amongst other things.  Quartz crystals are used in both scientific and metaphysical applications for enhancement, amplification, transmission, and focusing of energy.  They are powerful crystals to employ in healing, manifestation, prayer, and meditation as their power to intensify our thoughts and the vibrational functions of other minerals is celebrated by crystal enthusiasts.  Quartz inspires the capacity to transmute negative into positive, and its natural inclination towards harmony is expansive.  Rock crystals are created hydro-thermally, in clefts and druses out of a pure silicic acid solution. They are a primary formation with a trigonal crystal structure.



Smokey Quartz

Smokey quartz is a member of the quartz family distinguished by its natural brown color that is caused by traces of aluminum and lithium, as well as by radioactivity deep within the earth’s crust. It is traditionally considered a protective stone, thought to guard one from bad luck. It is the celebrated national gemstone of Scotland because it has been mined in the Cairngorm Mountains throughout the ages. These days it is found in many countries including Brazil, Madagascar, Scotland, Switzerland and the US. Smokey quartz is the classic anti-stress stone, its vibe is soothing and earthy and will help one to break the old patterns of behavior that move one to creating stressful situations in the first place. It is a remarkable clearing and grounding stone, as it breaks up negative thought forms and inclinations, releasing them into the earth for transmutation into more helpful energy. It is associated with the base and crown chakra, and is helpful in connecting the two, establishing a beautiful synergy between one’s spiritual purpose with one’s physical reality. It is also a valuable tool for giving purpose and direction to creative energy. Many healers also use smokey quartz as an aid to offset the effects of radiation.


Rose Quartz

For centuries rose quartz has been used in healing delicate matters of the heart. It is the stone of love, and more specifically of self-love, which ultimately benefits the ability to love others as well. Rose quartz carries the vibration of the heart chakra, and gives access to the sensation of love for those who may have forgotten it. Bringing comfort and healing, the gentle vibrations reach deep into the heart delivering tender awareness of and healing to old wounds. As healing begins, so does the process of forgiveness, and this stone can help one to appreciate the powers of forgiveness, as well as value the deep purpose of hardship. This stone ultimately teaches us that the true source of love is from oneself.



According to Inuit legend, the Northern lights were imprisoned in the rocks along the coast of Labrador and were freed by a warrior when he struck them with a powerful blow of his spear.  However, some of the lights remain forever trapped in the rock.  Labradorite was first discovered and named (by Protestant missionaries) on the Labrador Peninsula in 1770.  Its beautiful colors and striking light effect are thanks to an inner laminate structure that bends light.  It is this shiller light bending effect that associates this stone with seeing clearly in dark places.  Its dancing colors of light stimulate creative thinking and remind us of the potentials of our imaginations and new ways of seeing.  Labradorite is a primary formation feldspar mineral with an inner crystal structure that is triclinic (trapezium shaped).



Ammonites are a group of invertebrates that first appeared during the Devonian Period 345 million years ago.  They are found on every continent and are excellent tools for dating rock.  The creatures actually came near extinction 3 times before finally ending their time on earth in the same event that felled the dinosaurs at the end of the cretaceous period 102 million years ago.  Though much of what is known about ammonites is supposed from the present nautilus species, they are in fact more closely related to the coleoids (squid, octopus, cuttlefish)

Ammonites first began their existence as tiny creatures- measuring only 1mm in size.  They quickly evolved to become much larger- the largest found measures 6.5 feet.  They are sexually dimorphic, meaning the females were often 400% larger than the males.  The shells are comprised of chambers separated by a thin membrane, the shells are secreted by the creature at a rate of about 1 chamber per every 4 weeks, and they lived for about 2 years.  The creatures occupied the largest body chamber and would create new chambers as they grew.  It is supposed that ammonites lived in shallow waters, unlike their cousins the nautilus who live in the deep sea, this is because of their diet, the colorful sutre patterns on their shells, and because their shells often contain ribs and bumps, which would make them poor ocean swimmers.

Ammonites were predatory creatures, feasting on fish, mollusks, and other cephalopods.  They used their tentacles to capture prey and draw them into their jaws located inside their shells.  The chambers inside of their shells contained gasses that would enable them to move about the ocean freely.  They were preyed on by the mossasaurus and other marine reptiles.

Ammonites were given their name by the ram horned God Ammon. During the medieval period they were thought to be petrified snakes, and were often carved with snakes heads.  They were the original discus thrown by the Greeks.  In India ammonites were associated with the God Vishnu, and in Native American cultures they are associated with buffalo and carried for and good health and hunting.

The different types of ammonites we carry are from different places and periods of time.

This pair of ammonites were found in Madagascar and are from the Cretaceous Period 106-112 million years ago.  This pair has been filled with black calcite (most rare!) and had been split in half to reveal beautiful crystallized chambers.






These are ammonites from the Jurassic Period, found in Russia.  They have been completely replaced by pyrite, cut and polished to reveal druzy chambers.









This Ammonite is from Madagascar and is one of the oldest species, from the Devonian Period.


Shiva Lingham

The Shiva Lingam is a cryptocrystalline quartz that comes from the Narmada River in India, one of India’s seven holy sites.  The forces of this sacred river tumble the stones into their unique elliptical shape. The stones are gathered by villagers during the dry season once a year, hand polished and then sealed using ancient formulas of waxes and oils.  Shiva means “auspiciousness” and “linga” means sign or symbol, and these stones are a devotional symbol to the Hindu God Shiva.  The symbolism of this stone is teeming with depth and meaning, in the Hindu tradition as well as the modern metaphysical application of this stone.  These stones contain the union of male and female energies; the unusual shape of the stone representing both the cosmic egg from which all of creation is born as well as the male phallus, the active and intentional force of creation.  The red coloring in the stone represents feminine powers that inspire the act of creation.  The Shiva lingam symbolizes the power of unifying polarities, embodies the powerful vibration of Mother Earth, and stimulates the forces of kundalini activation. It encourages loving acceptance towards other ways of being, expanding our willingness to integrate our shadows with the light.



Moldavite is found in the Moldau River Valley (known in the Czech Republic as the Vlatava) about 200 miles east from Nordlinger Ries, the sight of one of the greatest cataclysm in Earth’s history. 15 million years ago 2 astroids collided into earth at a speed of 40 thousand miles per hour.  The earth’s bedrock was compressed to a quarter of its original size at the moment of impact, causing an explosion that released 250 thousand times more energy into the atmosphere than that of Hiroshima.  The mushroom cloud created by the explosion was nineteen miles high and full of vaporized bedrock and what was left of the astroid.  250 cubic miles of rock were moved by the impact and life ceased to exsist for 60 miles in every direction. It is even probable that the world’s climate was instantly cooled and altered by the tremendous energy released in the atmosphere.  As the gaseous, vaporized rock cooled, it merged and liquified with the extraterrestrial rock of the astroids thus creating a glass like tektite known today as moldavite. The theory that Nordlinger Ries is the event that created Moldavite is still under scientific debate, though it is the most widely accpeted in the scientific community.


Historically, moldavite has been recognized for its profound energetic qualities by humans for more than 25,000 years. In antiquity is has been called “emerald” though all green stones used to be called emerald, it is only more recently that they have been chemically differentiated.  It was found alongside the famous Venus of Willendorf (a famous paleolithic goddess statue discovered in 1908) and has also been speculated to being none other than the legdendary Holy Grail.  The grail has been said by some to be a stone or an emerald that fell from the sky, and not literally a cup.  Moldavite has many signifagant similarities to the claims made about the Holy Grail.


Moldavite’s prolific energetic properties are not unlike the event in which it was created.  Its power can manifest a variety of revolutionary personal experiences in both our inner and outer worlds.  This stone is associated with the energy of storm, bringing cleansing and renewal.  This is a stone of personal revolution that will demolish old patterns, dismantle outgrown belief systems, and set one upon thier soul’s true path.  It lends itself to a visceral experience of human potential, and will also inspire a healthy respect for the greatness of spirit.  Just as moldavite is the vibrational glowing alchemy of two worlds colliding, it can lead one into thier colassal potentials, and straight into one’s fated spiritual path, though the journey may not always be comfortable. Moldavite bestows the energy and motivation one needs to make nesasary and difficult life changes.  It imparts determination, or a refusal to settle for a mediocre present, in favor of chasing blissful dreams.  It can lend courage, by giving us glimpses of our greatest fears, the size and scope of them.  And in seeing these fears we are brought to the vicseral experience of just how boundless our soul is, and that we are in fact an ocean of spirit and our fears only a drop of water in the vastness of that ocean.