Selenite pom pom

We are the Prisms

People often enter our shop looking for a stone to help them with a specific ailment or issue. It is an understandable inquiry, if one is not familiar with stones it can be a dizzying quest to find The One in a room full of hundreds.

“Which is the right one for me?” They ask. The truest answer I can give to the question…..









Which stone makes your heart pound or flutter?  Which one ignights your inner flame?  Which one captures your being and shows you a world inside of yourself you never knew before? Which crystal makes you wanna sing, dance, or cry!
This crystal healing thing is not much like other medicines, in that its not nessasarily about what this “type” of crystal can do for me.  Though there is so much truth to the qualities written about each of the different types of stones, they are not vitamins. They are individuals.  They cannot be ordered, they are instead discovered, happened upon, and divinely delivered.


Working with crystal medicine is entering into a relationship. Its like finding a new friend.  There is a conversation that occurs when one is silent and alert in the prescense of a stone.  Crystals teach in ways that are hard to put into words.  They are the ultimate experiential teachers, dancing with life, they lead us to a great unfoldment of greater consciousness.    They lead us to a more expansive self, and show us worlds within our own.


This is the way in which we become an essential part of thier purpose and story.


We have the golden opportunity to serve these precious mineral souls in thier great destiny.


Through guiding us in our lives, sharing thier wisdom, we heal and grow.  In our own healing, evolving, and growing we become prisms thorugh which thier wisdom can live in this world.

Amethyst crystals


Amethyst is a member of the crystal quartz family, distinguished by its gorgeous purple hue that is caused by iron traces lodged between the crystal lattice structure. It forms inside of druzes and geodes and has been found throughout the world but most commonly in Brazil, Mexico, Africa, U.S, and Europe.  This crystal was given its name by a greek myth that tells of when a young maiden, Amethyst, was spared the wrath of Dionysis(the wine god) by being turned into a crystal.  Dionysis was so moved by the beauty of this crystal the he wept purple tears of remorse giving the crystal its color. “Amethystos” is the Greek word meaning non-inebriated, and this crystal has been renowned for its sobering effects throughout the ages.  Amethyst is a classic meditation tool for it can clear away the mundane chatter of our mind giving us access to the deep wisdom within ourselves.  It bestows a peaceful frame of mind that is valuable to acting for ones true purpose, and from a place of deep inner peace, rather than surrendering to intoxicating desires.  It is helpful in healing addictions, soothing grief and gaining access to the perspective of one’s higher self.