We have a busy year planned of shows travel and growth ahead of us!!!  First up is the Medford Gem and Mineral show on April 5th and 6th.  This year it is at the Jackson County Expo!!! Then we are excited to be traveling to Southern California for the West Coast Gem and Mineral Show […]



No other stone has as much history and emotion associated with it than opal. In India it is said to be the Goddess of Rainbows fleeing from unwanted advances of other gods. Opal is heavy with lore and considered to be good luck as much as bad. Legend has it that opal has the ability […]

Ruby crystal for blog


Ruby is the stone of the sun, representing power, passion, and energy. It is also one of the rarest and most valuable gemstones in the world.  In the old cultures of Europe and India, ruby is synonymous with power, wealth and royalty.  Its ledgends speak of invincibility, great fortune, and eternal love.  It is no […]

Selenite pom pom

We are the Prisms

People often enter our shop looking for a stone to help them with a specific ailment or issue. It is an understandable inquiry, if one is not familiar with stones it can be a dizzying quest to find The One in a room full of hundreds. “Which is the right one for me?” They ask. […]

Amethyst crystals


Amethyst is a member of the crystal quartz family, distinguished by its gorgeous purple hue that is caused by iron traces lodged between the crystal lattice structure. It forms inside of druzes and geodes and has been found throughout the world but most commonly in Brazil, Mexico, Africa, U.S, and Europe.  This crystal was given […]

Aquamarine 2


Aquamarine is named for its alluring blue green color, “aqua marina” are Latin/ Italian words for sea water.  The ancient philosopher Plimy says “the lovely aquamarine, which seems to have come from some mermaids treasure house in the depths of a summer sea, has charms to not be denied”.  The Greeks and Romans regarded this […]


Rock Crystal, Quartz

Quartz crystals have been regarded by many cultures throughout time as sacred objects of magic and healing.  The Ancient Japanese believed quartz crystals to represent perfection as they were formed from the breath of a white dragon.  Today, modern science has named the vibratory properties of quartz the piezoelectric effect and is utilizing these powers […]


Smokey Quartz

Smokey quartz is a member of the quartz family distinguished by its natural brown color that is caused by traces of aluminum and lithium, as well as by radioactivity deep within the earth’s crust. It is traditionally considered a protective stone, thought to guard one from bad luck. It is the celebrated national gemstone of […]


Rose Quartz

For centuries rose quartz has been used in healing delicate matters of the heart. It is the stone of love, and more specifically of self-love, which ultimately benefits the ability to love others as well. Rose quartz carries the vibration of the heart chakra, and gives access to the sensation of love for those who […]