No other stone has as much history and emotion associated with it than opal. In India it is said to be the Goddess of Rainbows fleeing from unwanted advances of other gods. Opal is heavy with lore and considered to be good luck as much as bad. Legend has it that opal has the ability to rapidly bring one’s desires into form.

Its extrarodinary color play is caused by gas and water trapped in tiny gobules amongst its amorpous crystal lattice. It is a secondary mineral formation stone, it forms as water washes silica out of the top layers of soil. The silica gel condenses and loses its water content. the tiny gobules of water and gas trapped inside dance with color.

Opal is a stone of joy, mystery and energetic mastery. It is a trickster, requiring high energy to keep up with. It bestows imagination, and a willingness to find the colorful gifts that all of life’s situations have to offer. It is Octobers birthstone, a time of year in which personal truths are being excavated and brought up to face and release. Opal is a stone that helps these truths be seen. It also helps us to see the ways that we trick ourselves into seeing the truths we want to see.

Oregon Opal









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Ethiopian Opal