Our Story

Just as the crystals and stones in our shop are so much more that beautiful objects for your home and body, Our business is so much more than a method to sustain our life. It is a place of deep connection- to each other, and to ourselves as the crystals are powerful allies that can show us the way to our inner stillness.

Our business is our dream come true.

We, Amanda and Todd, have both been rock lovers all our life. Todd began digging for crystals in Arkansas when he was a teenager, and took his first trips to Tuscan in his early twenties, buying flats and selling them to friends.

After we met and fell in love in 2003, we traveled overseas, we toured festivals selling didgeridoos made by Todd, and lived some of our dreams. By 2007 we found ourselves still crazy in love, and ready to settle down and make our next couple of big dreams come true.

In 2008 we opened our precious little gem store, got married and had a baby. It was a big year.

Almost 4 years later, we find ourselves intricately woven into an incredible community of customers and venders alike. We have the tremendous privelage to share and exchange resources in so many directions, and many wonderful people. We get to buy from people who we connect with, and who’s enterprises we want to support. We care deeply about where the abundance we are blessed with flows to next.

Our mission in this business is to unite these precious sacred objects with loving and adoring homes. We hope to ignite wonderment and fascination in the novice, to support the passion of a collector, give wings to the spirit and healing to the heart. To commemorate and honor the important moments, and to adorn the inner and outer goddess.