Ruby is the stone of the sun, representing power, passion, and energy. It is also one of the rarest and most valuable gemstones in the world.  In the old cultures of Europe and India, ruby is synonymous with power, wealth and royalty.  Its ledgends speak of invincibility, great fortune, and eternal love.  It is no coincidence that ruby is the birthstone of the month of July, because its energies are just that blazing, climactic and fully exalted.  Ruby has the oomph to get someone up off their lazy butt and moving righteously towards their wildest dreams. It activates the energetic faculties that influence ones will, enthusiasm, sex drive, and creativity.

Ruby brings vigour and passion to life.  It is a stone of self-love, transforming lethargy and exhaustion into motivation.  It imparts a joyful commitment to all social tasks.  Ruby will help one discover their inner strength and give the courage to wield it.  It is a stone of spontaneous action authenticly motivated by ones inner fire, excitement and great big dreams.

In my own experiences with ruby, I have had major breakthroughs at the times of my life when I just. can’t. seem to get myself there to that place of action, caring, or inspiration. The times when I want so badly to break out, take the right steps and do what I know needs to be done but I need that extra boost that is when I reach for my rubies.  Ruby brings to the table the essential fire of inspiration, that turns Great Big Dreams into action.  Days that I wear ruby end with “I can’t wait for tomorrow.”

Ruby is a great stone to use with the intentions of increasing abundance, creativity and motivation.  It is wonderful to employ in romance spells as it can encourage one to direct all of that loving intention into ones self, thus attracting the mate of a lifetime. It can be helpful in crystal layouts, as a pocket companion (I like wearing one on each side) or medicine bag piece, in jewelry, or in a crystal grid. It can be wonderfully employed to increase energy and movement in one’s life, but one must tap into their own inner guidance in order to determine whether or not Ruby is a comfortable companion which is not always the case.  Many people encounter ruby as too strong as it is one of the most powerful stones. But there are a couple of good alternatives.

Ruby in zoisite is a form of ruby that is metamorphically formed in large masses of another stone called Zoisite.  Zoisite is earthy and sweet.  It can help one to gently align with their true individual desires, and is a good stone for people who have a hard time calling the shots in their own life.  Ruby in zoisite is a good stone to work with over time, its effects are subtle and sustainable.

Ruby is a variety of the corundum family along with sapphire which is the blue variety. The corundum family are crystals with densely packed atoms of aluminum and oxygen.  Rubies obtain their red color when small amounts of chromium replace a few of the aluminum atoms, rubies, in order to be that bright red, also require an absence of iron.  On the Mohs scale of hardness they are rated at 9 with only diamonds and moissanite being harder.

There is still much mystery and debate about the formation of rubies and there are a couple of theories.  The most widely accepted is that rubies are a metamorphic occurence, meaning, they were once another mineral but over time plunged back into the depths of the earths mantle and emerged changed.  This theory is based on studying the world’s most plentiful ruby deposits along the Himalayas, specifically where India merged with Asia about 50 million years ago.


florescent Ruby in Zoisite