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Its Been A Year


We were thrilled to have begun the year with the expansion of our wholesale warehouse- and it was magnificent! Truly a dream come true, and a beast of a business that kept us so busy in spite of the pandemic, and struggle in the world. We were thrilled to connect with so many incredible colleagues and customers and to be able to serve our beloved mineral community.

And then... Just as we were really settling in... The Almeda Fire swept through the valley taking down 2 whole towns. Four thousand lost their homes, and over 200 businesses were burned to the ground. Including our warehouse, and yes- rocks and minerals do burn.

In the midst of our grief and devastation, we have been so utterly held and supported by our community, near and far. It has been an incredible thing to be held by so much love in the wake of devastation. To all those who supported us, donated to our fundraiser, sent rocks, wrapped us in your love and prayers and caring...

~Thank you~

And now we are moving forward- because what choice do we have?!

We have secured a new warehouse space, and are busy getting it ready and rising from the flames.

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